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Super Bowl FAQ


What is Super Bowl XLVII?

Super Bowl XLVII is a professional football championship game conducted by the National Football League (NFL). Participants include the champions of the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC) of the NFL. The winning team wins the Vince Lombardi Trophy and is considered the NFL’s best football team of the year.

How do I get tickets for Super Bowl XLVI?

Every person attending Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is required to have a Super Bowl ticket, regardless of age. The demand for tickets to Super Bowl XLVI greatly exceeds the ability to accommodate the majority of fans interested in attending. Most Super Bowl tickets are made available through the two teams competing in the game, and to a lesser extent through each of the other NFL teams. Remaining tickets for the general public are made available through a random drawing. There is no other means for the general public to purchase tickets except through a licensed ticket broker or reseller.

You can purchase tickets by following this link…
Super Bowl

Note that tickets will not last long and prices may change on a daily basis the Super Bowl nears.

What is the average economic impact of a Super Bowl to the local economy?

The average economic impact of the Super Bowl on a host city is $300-400 million.

How many visitors will come to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVII?

During Super Bowl XLVII,the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is projected to seat 75,000 people. Past host cities and the NFL estimate that an additional 50,000 non-game ticket holders visit Super Bowl cities each year to be a part of the festivities.

Who is the typical Super Bowl attendee and what is the typical length of stay?

The average Super Bowl attendee spends four nights in a hotel. Of the attendees, 85% are from another state, 70-90% arrive by plane and the average fan spends $1,500 – $2,000 during his/her stay. Of these visitors:

60% classify their occupation as managerial or professional.
53% earn at least $75,000 per year.
38% earn more than $100,000 per year.
65% are key decision-makers in their company.
60% of the above key decision-makers work at companies who host meetings outside of their corporate headquarters.
70% of these decision-makers would consider holding a meeting in the host city after visiting because of their positive Super Bowl experience.
20% would consider expanding their present operations in the host city area.
29% would consider establishing business operations in the host city area.

How can I volunteer for Super Bowl XLVII?

The Host Committee estimates that it will need more than 6,000 volunteers to serve in various capacities. These volunteers will be needed in many areas (hospitality, transportation, special events, etc.). E-mail volunteers@neworleanssuperbowl.com to find out more.

Can I volunteer to work inside the stadium during Super Bowl XLVII?

There are no volunteers placed by the NFL on game day inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

How many media professionals attend a Super Bowl?

More than 3,000 working media will attend Super Bowl XLVII with at least 400 of those attendees being international journalists.

When are the teams available for media interviews?

During the week prior to the game, the NFL will host Media/Photo Day with the two participating teams. The NFL issues credentials for media access.

How many hotel rooms were required to host Super Bowl XLVII?

The NFL required New Orleansto secure 20,000 hotel rooms to host Super Bowl XLVII as a part of the bid agreement. More than 35,000 additional rooms will be available in the New Orleans area for Super Bowl visitors.

How can I book a room for Super Bowl XLVII?

Simply follow this link to our current Super Bowl hotels list…

What kinds of events are held during a Super Bowl?

Dozens of events are staged each year during Super Bowl week as well as in the months leading up to it.

NFL Events (NFL Experience, Taste of the NFL, Game day Hospitality)
Indianapolis Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee Events (locally developed events, funded and managed by the Host Committee)

Who is responsible for the Pre-game and Halftime show?

The Pre-Game and Halftime show are developed by the NFL.

Where are the locations of future Super Bowls?

Super Bowl XLVII – 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

Super Bowl XLVIII – 2014
New Meadowlands, New Jersey

- Information obtained from various sources and is not in any way original content developed by Touchdown Experiences.