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Super Bowl Boulevard brings family fun

The Super Bowl brings two of the NFL’s best teams face to face to determine which deserves to be called a team of champions. From the first catch to the last pass, from the roaring cheers of celebration to the angry cries of defeat, the thrill, excitement, and intensity of the final game can’t be matched by any other sporting event.

But Super Bowl weekend is about more than the game—it’s about the full package experience that will provide you and your family with new adventures, fun, and lasting memories.

This year’s Super Bowl will be no different!

The NFL and New York City have teamed up to create a bustling interactive fan-zone on Super Bowl Boulevard featuring everything a football lover could want right in the heart of the city.

Super Bowl Boulevard will take over Times Square and will be the center of action and entertainment for the whole family leading up to the big game.

Stretching down Broadway from 44th Street to the Miracle on 34th Street, Super Bowl Boulevard will give fans the chance celebrate everything the love about the game with activities, live music, photo opportunities, and much more.

Football clinics and competitions will let fans test their skills at throwing, catching, and kicking, and even if you’re not the next MVP, the Vince Lombardi Trophy will be close by to serve as inspiration. While the teams will be trying to earn the right to call the trophy their own, fans will be able to walk right up and take a photo with the display.

One treat of braving the cold at the first ever cold-weather Super Bowl, will be the chance to race down a winter-themed slide called Toboggan Run. And don’t worry, if you get too cold warming stations will be set up along the boulevard.

The boulevard will also host nightly concerts, autograph sessions with players, plenty of more photo opportunities, NFL-themed exhibits, and much more. NFL Network, FOX, and ESPN plan to broadcast from the area, too.

When you’ve had enough football fun (if that is even possible), New York City’s famed restaurants, shops, museums, and other attractions will be close by for you to explore.

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