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The Rose Bowl is a stadium in the Los Angeles suburb of Pasadena, California. It is the home of the UCLA Bruins college football team from August through December. On New Year’s Day, it is the site of the Rose Bowl Game. Its current official capacity is 92,542. The stadium is a National Historic Landmark.

Approximate seating capacity to date: 90,000+.
The Rose Bowl has approximately 77 rows of seats.
The stadium measures 880 feet from north to south rims and 695 feet from east to west rims.
The circumference of the rim is 2,430 feet, while the inside at field level is approximately 1,350 feet.
The turfed area inside the bowl measures 79,156 square feet.
The fence around the Rose Bowl is one mile in circumference.
There are over 100 different varieties of rose bushes situated between the stadium and the fence.
The dimensions of the playing field for football are: 53 yds.(w) x 100 yds.(l).
The dimension of the playing field for soccer are: 70 yds.(w) x 120 yds.(l).
The stadium itself is approximately 830 feet above sea level.
It would take approximately 84,375,000 gallons of water to fill the Rose Bowl to the rim.
The Rose Bowl Press Box is the highest point of the stadium at 100 feet above ground.
The first “PSL’s” (Personal Seat Licenses) ever sold were sold to build the Rose Bowl Stadium. Two hundred-ten individuals and corporations purchased what were then referred to as “seat subscriptions” to finance the building of the $272,198 Rose Bowl Stadium.


The following items will not be allowed into the stadium: Bottles, containers,cans, thermoses, ice chests, picnic baskets, alcohol, signs, poles, chairs, umbrellas, weapons, knives, video recorders, beach balls, footballs, soccer balls, frisbees, flags/banners with poles, large musical instruments, fireworks, palm video recorders, and drugs.
Backpacks will not be allowed in the stadium.
Permitted items: Small still cameras, sack lunches, binoculars, small radio, medical prescriptions, flags no larger than 2′x3′. Horns will be allowed for this soccer season.
All patrons are subject to search by Contemporary Services at all gates.

There will be a check-in of items at the Service Booth located at the South Autogate next to Gate A. Lost and found will be located in the Police Headquarters trailer on the east side of the stadium, next to Gate B.