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Buffalo Bills


After the formation of the American Football League in the summer of 1959, Detroit Lions minority owner Ralph Wilson decided to create a team in the new league. On October 28, 1959, the team Buffalo Bills officially became the 8th team created in the AFL. In 1961, the Bills were the first (and only) AFL team to play a CFL team. The Buffalo Bills are a great defensive team even though they are in the AFL which is a predominantly offensive league.

War Memorial Stadium is the name of a stadium that formerly stood in Buffalo. The stadium hosted the Buffalo of the NFL from 1960-1972. In 1973 the new stadium opened and was named Rich Stadium. Due to the original plan expiring in 1998 the stadium was renamed after its founder Ralph C. Wilson.

When the Buffalo Bills began playing in 1960, the team’s colors were light blue, white, and silver. In 1962, the standing red bison was designated as the logo and took its place on a white helmet and the teams colors changed to red, blue and white. In 1974, the standing bison logo was replaced by a blue charging one with a red slanting stripe streaming from its horn. The Buffalo Bills have had a total of eight logo changes since 1960-2000.

The Buffalo Bills have won every playoff game at there stadium until December 26, 1996 when they were defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Although they have had four Super Bowl appearances the Buffalo Bills have not come out on top but hope to bring home the Vince Lombardi trophy soon.

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